Nephronim Studio has been building brands, apps and working with tech companies for 11 years. We blend entrepreneurship and design to solve problems.

Our passion is to find great companies with ambition, to work with next. Previous tech companies have been: Skytree, UPRISE Festival, Global Reporting Initiative, Qardio and more.

Nephronim // Project One

UPRISE Festival Europe:

Redesigning Interactive live events from the ground up for thousands of end users.

Nephronim // Project Two

Kunstfort Asperen:

Re-imaging the identity of a Dutch fort turned museum.

Nephronim // Project Three


Cloud-based solutions that facilitate rapid knowledge sharing among employees in companies.

Nephronim // Project Four

The Global Reporting Initiative:

Refresh the world's leading sustainability guideline's online presence focusing on key stakeholders.

Nephronim // Project Six

Qardio Health App:

Connecting Patient health data to the Doctors dashboard

Nephronim // Project Seven

Blancday Identity

Design and print a mindful boxset for Blancday clients