“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do”


Here are some of the brands we have had the pleasure of working with in the last few years.
Do you want to be the next?

An Active Voice

We don’t sit on fences we have a voice and feel we have a duty to participate.

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I started a new Youtube channel and here is what I’ve learnt.

What happens when you start a new youtube channel in Europe in 2018? Have you noticed that there aren’t really any youtubers in talking about tech in Europe? For a large part they exist on the other side of the pond in the United States. I’ve always had a fascination to know more about the…


4 Books you need to read

I wanted to share my 4 top audiobooks / books (that I listened to on audible) that I really had fun listening and learning from over the last few months. If you are looking for reading material check these bad boys out Book one: Bad Blood by John Carreyrou Book two: The Undoing Project by…


So you want to talk on stage at a tech conference?

A question I get asked alot from people in the tech industry is “How do I get to speak on stage during a conference?”. I thought I would dedicate my first real info piece to answering this question.


Amsterdam’s Startup Manifesto

This was written by Vincent van Leeuwen & Paul O’Connell. After the large success of U.S. startups over the past two decades, several large European cities are striving to become Europe’s Silicon Valley. Amsterdam is no different in this quest. In true Dutch fashion, Amsterdam considers itself on par with (if not better than) startup…


Efficiently killing your baby

The task at hand is finding the answer to what’s next? The irony is that the tag-line for my startup for the first 6 months was ‘What’s next?’! Did I ever imagine that I would be applying it to my own life in 6 months time? No. I believed the startup would work, gloriously. How…


8 design mistakes that startups can avoid.

Skype and coffee are my two basic tools when I’m on the job of talking to startups who ask me to look over their product or site and give a practical honest critique of it. I’m a startup guy and I love helping out as much as possible so handing out tid-bits of advice on…


Designers in startups: the Goldilocks zone

The advent of designer Founder in startups is here. I read it, I hear about it but I don’t see it. Being in the bowels of Europe in Amsterdam’s startup scene I’ve met quite a few startups and designer founders are few and far between. There are some notable exceptions but by in large the…


Founderfeeds: minimum viable event

Amsterdam sits in the sweet-spot of Europe and is absolutely chocked full of smart people with hot ideas. The city is the epitome of mobility whether you think of that meaning geographical location or the love of locals to use bicycles as their primary mode of transport. Yet as a startup hub in Europe it…


Brands: You are how you are perceived

I’ll start with Social media in itself can’t build a brand. Communication has always been more personal when it’s person to person but getting brand ideals out to a larger audience takes more efficient tools. Social media is the medium of the message. The face of the message is the brand. The tools that social…


Fall on your ass, it’s good for you

‘It’s okay to fail’ is a tenet that is popular in concept but in practice attitudes still shy away from embracing the acceptance that; in the startup world failure is more common than success and you should be open to talking about it. I feel it’s not embraced as much as it should be here…

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