Uprise Festival Europe

In 2015 Studio Nephronim designed, funded and executed the launch of a new innovative tech festival that connected talent to young companies. The first festival brought 4000 attendees in 8 hours.Our team designed all aspects of the event from the ground up from print to stage design. We continued with these festivals until 2018 completing 7 editions.


The Design Challenge here was ‘How do we create an interactive event that connects talent to fast-growing tech companies. The answer lay in the style of the tech festival we communicated. Less formality more vibrant visuals with a learning aspect that appealed to a broad demographic.

Key Overview:

  • Management of over 26,000 attendees
  • Original Stage Design
  • Attendee Flow Design and Engagement
  • Client Acquisition and Management
  • Onsite Wayfinding and Signage
  • All Printed Requirements (Badges, Posters, Wristbands, Backdrops)
  • Motion Stage Show Design

Events Recorded

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Motion Work

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Signage & Print Work

Sales & Marketing Material

Speaker Promotional Cards

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Studio Nephronim,
Dublin, Ireland