Pipes and Beans

My favourite coffee and pipes dispensary were badly in need of a consistent identity and digital promotion approach. This was a fun project to develop the core principles of the brand.

It began with the development of the website to truly reflect the quirky yet homely feeling of this very popular cafe in the heart of Amsterdam. Being a passion project for myself we worked out the logo and what direction the website should go towards.

We then worked on aligning the digital channels and keeping a strong focus on involving their active community while keeping the branded cups front facing to spread the word of the business.

We worked on physical promotion from sandwich boards to a new menu system to eventually a new POS which was more efficient and tracked all their products so a clear stock control system would be established.


  • Logo and Brand Identity
  • Full Web Design and Build
  • Onsite Signage
  • Social Strategy
  • Printed Menu
  • Stickers and Stamps