1275 wooden poles supported the forts base structure. There's the identity core.

Role: Visual Designer
Company: Veldsvorm B.V.
Duration: 2 months (2010)

This project focused on the Identity design for a historic fort turned exhibition space in Asperen in the Netherlands.

KunstFort Asperen is a monument for contemporary art. For thirty years the fort has been organizing controversial exhibitions in the summer months in a setting of military heritage and the landscape of the New Dutch Water Line.

The principle logo was designed to be the basis of a visual language to be deployed on the visitor museum and for all following designed assets.The logo was built on the fact that the fort was built upon 1275 wooden support poles which we pitched would be a great foundation for the visual representation of the logo and the house style.

This project was developed working with Studio Veldsvorm but unfortunately the client decided to go a completely different direction as another museum had used a similar form factor for their new identity.