The problem:

Get users to experience more live music in their vicinity.


Change the question to ‘do I want to listen to this band play live’ rather than ‘can I listen to them live’.

Recently I was whisked away to the inner sanctum of France to work on a web based mobile app, intended as an MVP test to validate the idea. The idea that we endeavoured to envision was a Concert finding app where you could listen to full tracks, save the selection and find details out about when they play in your locality but keep the information localised to where you were. A simple feature set combined with a responsively designed grid system was laid out and a good conversations on how we would handle the login system and more importantly social sharing in this very first version. The app is tentatively named but could change.

It’s crazy fun laying out the small interactions while keeping a pared back visual identity concentrating on the music. Now to see it built and running.

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