The Problem: Recommendation system’s are rooted upon what random people like, that are judged to be close to your tastes. But this rarely offers me recommendations that suit my actual taste.

The solution: Based on a core of what your friends like and what they recommend for you we create a simple algorithm to create blueprints we would base a simple personal recommendation system to show you ‘what’s next for you’.

I was one the co-founders of a startup called Based out of Utrecht we were positioned in the realm of Social discovery platform. Being web-based and responsive built on HTML5 front-end and a php back-end we kept the purpose of the site focused on friend validation and recent browser orientated. We used alot of lean validation on our user testing and iterative process but the project came to an end at the beginning of 2013.

I looked after the product, visual/strategic and marketing of From our email campaigns to social media channels I focused on user engagement and took the lead on setting our tone of voice and what we communicate to the user based on test, iterate and retest methodology.

Unfortunately the startup failed but we took alot from the experience and it has fuelled how I look at use- centric apps and services.

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