Imagine: Fluid behavioural mobile technology

Imagine: Fluid behavioural mobile technology

“Technology frightens me to death. It’s designed by engineers to impress other engineers. And they always come with instruction booklets that are written by engineers for other engineers — which is why almost no technology ever works.” John Cleese Have you ever seen those shots of one guy standing still while traffics of people are […] start-up weekend iPad Demo start-up weekend iPad Demo

Working with a dynamicly strong team we created the brand elements, twitter/website and ipad demo during one weekend and received a very positive response to the idea and the visual interface. We are now developing the platform to be a robust music discovery engine that creates a valuable and visual experience for the user. During […]

Wired magazine experiences

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This shows adobe and wired connecting on how to open out the digital magazine to the market and really utilising multi directional navigation and sharing content with the broader world. This shows the potential of the interactive experience available to the user and consumer in this new wave of mobile technology. Deconstructing the way we […]